Name of ProjectObjectiveLocationPeriodBudgetFunder
Irish Aid Programme Grant (IAPG)Increase budget participation, transparency and accountability and revenue generation for effective service delivery at the local and national levelFreetown
2019 Le 478,486,694
Christian Aid
Health Legacy Project ( HLP)Increased transparency, accountability and responsiveness of health services
Pujehun2019/2020Le 735,000,000
Christian Aid
Transfer MispricingSupport government to develop transfer pricing lawNational2019164000000OSIWA with counter funding from Oxfam
Open Budget SurveyConduct the 2019 Open Budget Survey for Sierra LeoneNational2019$7,500.00International Open Budget Partnership ( IBP)
Strengthening Public Financial Management, Anti-Corruption and Accountability Institutions in Sierra Leone.Holding government accountable for public revenue generation, including through monitoring and analysis of citizen perceptions of tax and the use of taxpayer money.
Holding government accountable for public spending, including through public expenditure analysis, monitoring public perceptions of financial management, promoting inclusive budgeting, engagement with the public accounts committee of Parliament, and facilitating public engagement around the Auditor General’s report.
National2019/2020 Le 2,093,594,800