Quarter 3 Domestic Revenue Analysis

As we progress in analyzing the domestic revenue mobilisation by the National Revenue Authority into the 8th month of the year 2020, the data continue to show there was more domestic revenue generation in 2019 than there is in 2020.

Le 3.46 trillion (64%) of the NRA’s revised domestic revenue in 2020 has so far been raised which is 8.43% of domestic revenue to GDP. On average, the NRA has been able to collect Le 432,479.80 in August, 2020 compares to Le 451,363.98 in August, 2019, which shows a monthly average drop of Le 18.884.18 billion for the period under review.

Based on the revised domestic revenue target, which is Le5.39 trillion, the average monthly collection stands at Le 449.92 billion. If at least the NRA is able to raise Le 16.7 billion monthly in the period September through December 31st 2020, they might be able to hit the 2020 revised target.

We are pleased to present the result of the revenue analysis based on data available in the Ministry of Finance’s website as updated by the Accountant General’s Department on the domestic revenue collected by the National Revenue Authority.

This Analysis was undertaken by the Consortium of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), led by Christian Aid under the DFID supported Public Financial Management (PFM) Project titled “Strengthening Public Financial Management, Anti-Corruption and Accountability Institutions in Sierra Leone”.

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